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How much does Pest Control Cost in 2024?

Pest Control Services

Pest control is a crucial service to maintain a safe and pest-free environment in both homes and offices. Many people fear that pest control services will blow their budget. Today, we’re exploring the costs associated with pest control in India. We’ll detail what the cost is and see if it’s affordable for everyone.

Understanding Pest Control:

Before delving into the costs, it’s crucial to grasp the essence of pest control. Beyond residential spaces, pest control has become a mandatory task in various commercial settings. It involves procedures to manage and eliminate pest infestations effectively.

Pest Control Prices According to Types of Pests:


Different pests require different treatment approaches, leading to variations in costs. For the various types of pest control services, here are the prices broken down:

Cost of Cockroach Pest Control:

Reputed companies like Pure Pest Control offer various cockroach control solutions at affordable prices. The cost depends on the chosen treatment and the area to be treated. Online bookings often come with discounts.

Cost of Anti-Termite Treatment:

It is extremely important to prioritize termite treatment, focusing on quality rather than cost. This treatment method involves a technique called drill, fill and seal, which can be more expensive due to its complexity and time-consuming nature.

Cost of Bed Bugs Treatment:

Professional bed bug control services typically range between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 4,000. Different companies offer different treatment plans, with some providing one-visit options and others offering two-visit plans.

Cost of Mosquito Control Treatment:

Effective mosquito control before the rainy season is essential. The cost includes expenses for finding hideouts, identifying breeding grounds, and using safe chemicals to repel mosquitoes.

Cost of Rodent Pest Control:

Rodent control is affordable, with treatments starting from Rs. 2000. The cost may vary based on the number of rodents and the area to be covered.

Cost of Wood Borer Treatment:

For those with wooden structures and furniture, professional wood borer pest control is advisable. The cost depends on the type of treatment and involves inspection, injection, and the use of eco-friendly chemicals.


Additional Eleme­nts Impacting costs:

Apart from the type of pest, but a plethora of variables play a part in dete­rmining the final bill for pest control:

✓ Service duration: Longer services may incur higher costs.

✓ Team size: The manpower required for the service.

✓ Chemicals used: The choice of chemicals can impact the cost.

✓ Area and severity: The size of the area to be treated and the severity of the infestation influence costs.

✓ Pest control method: Different methods come with different price tags.



In summary, understanding the factors influencing pest control costs is essential for informed decision-making. Pure Pest Control stands out as a reliable pest control company in India  as it offers a range of pest control treatments at a reasonable cost. After each visit, experienced cleaning professionals make endless efforts to guarantee that your area is free from pests. Investing money in pest control is like investing in the longevity and health of your home or place of business.

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