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Termite Control India

You have quite recently done termite inspection in your home once and you think that the pest critters will not trouble you. You should know that the obnoxious termite creatures can get into your territory again to ruin your household stuffs. The silent-destroying insects, termites, are likely to show themselves up on and off in your home. Does your home have moisture issues? Did you keep scrap wooden items outside your home? There are many reasons which invite termites to stay in your property. Your home and the surrounding areas have ample sources which let termite critters breed in your house with ease. You cannot throw out your household items in fear of termite infestation. You must take a step which will make the pests afraid of coming into your house. The effective step is to drive termites away by taking help of a pest professional. In the pest industry, the one name you can rely on is our pest control company which is delivering reliable pest services on end to our clients of Pure Pest Control. Book our termites control Pure Pest Control Company solutions and root out the termite insects from your area. The termite controls of our pest control company are so effective that the pests will fear getting in your territory.

First, Termites are not ants. They are soft-bodied insects commonly known as “white ants”. Termite is known as a small, pale soft-bodied insect that lives in bulky colonies with numerous different castes, typically within a mound of cemented earth. Many kinds feed on wood and can be highly destructive to trees and timber. Termites form a colony of highly organized societies of several hundred thousand to one million or more individual termites within a loose collection of underground tunnels and chambers.

Generally, termite living in group which is classified for damage, walls, trees, plants, floors, wooden items, carpet, papers and other important items. Scientific researchers are estimated that a single queen may produce 20,000 to 30,000 eggs in day and life time is of this queen for 45 years this population dangerous for your building and materials.

Potential Risks to Health and Property

 Damage to furniture, carpets and cloths: –

Termites can destroy furniture, clothing and carpets. This can create unnecessary expenses that are mostly associated with repair and replacements.

  • Can cause allergy: –

    Termites can cause allergies to people. They can carry certain allergens that can cause problems to people with respiratory problems.

  • Damage to property and structures: –

    In India, people spend thousands of dollars to repair termite damage. Termites tend to consume wood and its products such as paper. After successfully burrowing woods, they can bring a house down or even destroy structures if not managed correctly.

  • Loss of resale value: –

    Most people do not know that termites can cause their homes to sell poorly. If termites or the damaged the have caused is discovered during building and pest inspection buyers will either walk away or offer thousands less.

What Methods are Used to Treat Termites?

Before understanding the various methods used in India to treat termites, you should know what brings them to your home. Some of the things that make them feel at home include the following:

  • Termites are always attracted to wood– Untreated wood such as stacks, old stumps, sleepers and logs should be removed.
  • Termites are attracted to water spots– Close all water areas and fix any possible sinks, showers, pipes and even drains.
  • Termites love humid conditions– Improve your home air by ventilating rooms.
  • Have regular inspections– This should be done at least once a year.

Pre-Con treatment: –

It is done in two ways mainly in under construction houses. It is as given below: –

(a) Chemical Barriers: –

This is the use of chemicals to resist termite attack. The chemicals used are insecticides and are placed by licensed professionals under concrete slabs, around the house and foundations.

(b) Piping System Installation: –

This is also a modern way of injecting termiticides in the house. Porous pipes are being laid just under the slab on soil. These pipes can be refilled with termite killer chemicals on later stages. It is a very reliable and easy way of doing anti-termite treatment in houses. It avoids drilling on later stages to do termite control in old houses. For more info click at our Gallery.

Post Con treatment (Drill Fill Seal Method): – 

This treatment is used in already constructed houses where termite’s problem occurs in wooden assets, wallpapers, almirah, POP etc. Treatment uses drill fill seal technique that involves drilling of holes in floor or skirting level at 1 feet with a bit size of 12,10,8 mm. Holes are filled with approved WHO termite solution with pressure pump. At last holes are sealed with white cement or chalk. For more info click at our Gallery.