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Cockroach Control Service Available for- Commercial & Residential

Know Your Pest

It gets very annoying sometimes to see a cockroach in your kitchen. It can destroy the reputation of your home as well as your hotel, restaurant in seconds.

Furthermore, cockroaches are believed to carry a lot of allergens with them causing lot of allergic diseases to children and elders. Therefore, it gets very important to control them whenever you find one cockroach in your kitchen.

Treatment Type

SPRAY TREATMENT:-  Our cockroach spray treatment is specifically formulated to target cockroaches at their source. Our experts have entire knowledge about where to and how to use the chemicals. Spray Treatment is done in Kitchen’s Sink Areas, Drains, washrooms and Inside of Sewerages. Our spray treatment has a residual effect which prevents the future infestation as well.

GEL TREATMENT:- Say Goodbye to cockroach infestation with our highly effective cockroach gel treatment. Gel treatment is designed to provide long lasting control and eliminate cockroaches from your kitchen or office. It is applied in Hidden Corners, Inside of refrigerators. Gel treatment not only kills individual cockroaches but also disrupts and eliminates the entire colony.


One Time – Single service contract (Spray & Gel)

One Year AMC (Spray & Gel)

Your local cockroach control professionals

At Pure Pest Control, our technicians are exceptionally skilled and trained to meet industry standards. Our local teams offer a diverse array of cutting-edge cockroach control solutions, ensuring optimal results.

Through our Integrated Pest Management program, our experienced service technicians proficiently handle cockroach infestations. We provide a spectrum of effective treatments aimed at exterminating these pests.

To schedule a free site survey of your property and explore our range of solutions, feel free to reach out to us at +91-9041017600 | +91-9891393434 or contact us online.

1. Pest Inspection

We conduct thorough site surveys to evaluate current pest issues, anticipate future risks, and identify health and safety concerns tailored to your surroundings.

1) On-site pest assessment and consultation

2) Expert advice on pest prevention and recommendations

3) Free, no-obligation quotation

2. Pest Management Solutions

1) Collaborating with you, we craft a sustainable integrated pest management program tailored to your residence or enterprise.

2) Our certified and seasoned service technicians deliver precise pest extermination and preventive measures.

3) Leveraging our expertise in industry-specific regulations and documentation, we ensure businesses meet audit compliance standards.

4) Utilize our user-friendly app-based account management tools to conveniently schedule treatments and stay updated in real-time.

3. Pest Prevention

Guaranteeing a hygienic, secure environment following pest control treatment.

1) Comprehensive ongoing pest prevention advice.

2) Post-service disinfection wipe-down, eliminating 99.9999% of harmful microorganisms.

3) Utilization of non-irritating, non-corrosive materials.

Why Choose Us?

✅10 Years of experience in Cockroach Treatment Services.

✅ To date, we have successfully controlled cockroach infestations of more than 20k+ clients. 

✅ Team of trained professionals who are best at controlling cockroaches.  

✅ Our chemicals are safe for kids, pets, and elders. 

✅ We use smell-free chemicals. 

✅ We only use chemicals from renowned brands like TATA, ENVU, and SYNGENTA.

✅ Warranty for the treatments is also available.  


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