Cockroach Control

Cockroaches breed rapidly and are resilient to many first line attempts to gain control. For this reason, many homeowners and businesses seek the services of a professional pest control company. Generally, they transmit bacteria, fungi and filth on their legs and bodies and pollute food or cooking utensils. The life of cockroaches few months but environmental conditions with humidity and warm temperature, availability of food and moisture, water, adequate shelter, garbage dumps or sewage system attract to them for reproduce.

Pure Pest Control targets the cockroach life cycle which has long term benefits. We guarantee our services and provide expert advice to maintain long term control by eliminating common harbour-age sites. Pure Pest Control technicians are licensed to treat cockroach infestations in your home or place of business.

Pure Pest Control undertakes a comprehensive site inspection. We use environmentally safe solutions and effectively get rid of cockroaches. We protect you from harmful disease transmission, offensive odours and allergens likely to trigger skin conditions and asthma attacks.

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Cockroaches are commonly found in the kitchen. If cockroaches are observed in non-food-handling areas, it is likely that the home or place of business is supporting an enormous population.

They are commonly found in the kitchen around food surfaces, utensils and the notably the dishwasher.  During the daytime you can find them hiding in cracks and crevices in door frames, furniture, bathrooms, cupboards, pet houses, in electrical equipment, book cases, rubbish bins and sewer systems.

Although cockroaches have wings, they rarely fly.  They migrate towards food, warmth and moisture. They are social and mostly active at night.

Why Bother with Cockroach Control?

Disease: Cockroaches can carry disease-causing bacteria, spreading salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and diarrhea among others. The organisms causing these diseases are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches and are deposited on food and utensils as cockroaches feed and move about. Cockroach control helps keep the youngest, oldest and most vulnerable members of your family safe.

Asthma and allergies: Cockroaches can also be responsible for asthmatic reactions.  Children, the elderly and people prone to bronchial ailments can react to the discarded fragments of “skin” when cockroaches moult.

Adaptability: Every property is at risk from a cockroach infestation. Almost any organic matter is food for cockroaches, and they are great hitchhikers and fliers, spreading rapidly.

Breeding success: They are rapid breeders; just a couple of cockroaches can turn into huge numbers in just a few weeks.  Continued sightings of adult and juvenile cockroaches is a good sign that they are breeding nearby.

Cockroach Control – Things you can do

Whilst cockroaches are mainly nocturnal creatures, overcrowded conditions may cause activity during the day. First sightings are likely to be a sign of a much larger problem. Your home is your first living place where we live permanently, semi-permanently or some time as landlord and rent ownership in membership or family.

Things that you can do to reduce cockroach infestation include reducing or removing their food source and environments conducive to breeding. Maintain good hygiene sanitation by regularly cleaning eating areas, removing rubbish and tightly sealing bins. Be sure to check you are not introducing an external source of cockroach by carefully checking such things as boxes of produce.  Keep sub floors and basements well ventilated and seal off where possible potential entry points.

How to Control Them?

Control of the cockroaches is necessity for human health and safety of food and household items. We at Pure Pest Control Company offer to your treatment and consulting sanitary solutions control and future prevention your home from cockroaches. Our paramount treatments are immediate control cockroaches which are following:

Pesticide/Insecticide Treatment

Pesticide are consisting of poison made chemicals which currently effective and control for long time and preventive for future reproduction. We are usages approved standard chemicals like, Dichlorvos, Deltamethrin, Cypermethrin which apply through the spray method in following areas: –

Spray in drains of all outside and inside of building

Spray treatment in kitchen drains sink, cupboards and drawers

Spray in bathroom drains and nearby

Spray in hiding places, holes, splits, and cracks

Spray in basement, paper store, below and behind household items

Gel Treatment

Gel Treatment is Eco-friendly and odourless treatment for roaches but it effective only dry and inside areas. We also apply to Gel in following areas: –

Roach gel in the kitchen cupboard, drawers, under sink fridge, and boxes. kitchen

Wet areas, bathroom, and washbasin

Below the dining table and food service area

Our sanitary consulting for future prevention of cockroaches after treatments which are:

Daily properly cleaning of your home with sanitary chemicals

Remove food stuff after dinner, store food into sealed and tightly container and clean to kitchen properly

Proper cleaning of paper store, paste items, because they are eating glue and hiding

Clear all dirty dishes clean your kitchen sink, oven, microwave and dishwasher

Remove moisture from walls, floors, because they reproduce and live up for two weeks

Clean drain and fill up sometime sanitary agents

Seal all holes, crevices, splits, and cracks these are hiding place for cockroaches