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Pigeon feces are problematical as they draw in mites that can cause humans to itch and scratch. Pigeon droppings can pose many health risks. It consists of bacteria, fungal agents, and ectoparasites. While most individuals can avoid it, it can be a severe dilemma if homeowners have pets or young children. While pigeons appear to be innocent, they create several issues, particularly on high-rise structures, and these problems worsen as the number of pigeons increases, therefore you should not hesitate to get rid of them if you spot them on your roof or near your home. One major issue with pigeons is that they approach houses in large groups.

To prevent these issues BIRD NETTING & BIRD SPIKES are the best methods.


Pure Pest Control offers tailored Bird Control Services near you to safeguard your property from bird nuisances. Our humane methods, including spikes, netting, and sound devices, effectively deter birds without harm. Trust us to keep your space bird-free and compliant with regulations. Following a thorough site inspection conducted by one of our skilled technicians, we’ll provide expert recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Depending on the findings, we’ll advise whether installation of spikes or netting would be most suitable for your situation. Contact us today for peace of mind.


✅ It is UV-stabilized and made up of HDPE.

✅ It comes with a warranty of 5 years.

✅ Does not spoil the aesthetic look of your beautiful building.

✅ Only trained technicians install the net.

✅ Colours Available:- White and Black

✅ Size Available: – 19mm, 25mm, 35 mm, 40mm, 50mm

✅ Where it can be applied: – Balconies, Sheds, Resorts etc.


✅ The polycarbonate base of spikes is stabilized

✅ Sealants used to fix spikes are hybrid and stabilized

✅ Comes up with a Warranty of 5 years.

✅ Does not spoil the aesthetic look of the building

✅ Types:- stainless steel and polycarbonate

✅ Where it can be applied:- wherever pigeons roost.

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