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Pure Pest Control take this great opportunity to present ourselves as a professionally managed and fastest growing Pest Control Company In India, started by a team of experienced, dynamic and successful Entrepreneurs. We stand behind our promise to provide honest, professional, unmatchable, Eco-Friendly qualitative services in fair and competitive prices to those in need, to protect the health, property & assets of our customers by eliminating disease carrying, nuisance creating as well as wood destroying organism. Our aim is to maintain a great sense of loyalty, accountability & honesty while serving to our customers.

Termite Control

Termite is known as a small, pale soft-bodied insect that lives in bulky colonies with numerous different castes, typically within a mound of cemented earth. Pure Pest Control Experts is providing best quality long protection anti-termite treatment with highly trained technicians. It gives full protection to foundation of your building through pre-construction and post-construction treatment.

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Rodent Control

The term rodent control is introduced to Control rats &mice. Generally, they are found outside and inside in homes, hotels, retail stores. Pure Pest Control Experts is providing exclusive services with involvement of rodenticide and Eco-friendly practices to our clients. Our expert team has good knowledge to identify the access points for rats from outside to inside and stages of damage expectation.

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Mosquitoes Control

Mosquitoes are very imitators and traveler for so many diseases species. Mosquitoes are infecting millions of people in every year. The family population of mosquitoes is above 3,000 over the globe. Pure Pest Control Experts is one of one pest control company in India to control mosquitoes from your home, commercial and industrial areas with Eco-friendly, stainless and odorless chemical treatments.

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Lizard Control

Lizards are known as small reptiles. Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles that have long tails with four legs. You can see lizard everywhere in your home, office and other areas. As, we all know that it's a common reptile in houses, therefore its necessity to have professional lizard control service for your healthy home. Call to IPCM expert, to detect the hideout and pesticides to eliminate them from your house.

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Coackroaches Control

Cockroaches are categories as pest and causes for some serious diseases, and disturbance Cockroach Control to human. Generally, they transmit bacteria, fungi and filth on their legs and bodies and pollute food or cooking utensils. We at Pure Pest Control Experts offer to you treatment and consulting sanitary solutions control and future prevention your home from cockroaches.

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Bed Bug Control

Are you afraid of the terrifying Bedbugs bites and do not know the proper treatment for these? If yes, Pure Pest Control Experts is there to help you anytime. Bed Bugs are basically insects which feed on blood only. These are usually reddish-brown in color, oval and flattened with vestigial front wings. Their appearance is banded and has segmented abdomens.

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Eco friendly technologies is also used to describe a class of electronic devices that can promote and help to pest control.


A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale.


We have a great, professional and high-quality team, our trained staff will protect your home and family against any pests.


We are the company for safe pest removal. We know all about dangerous insect and provide insects control treatments.